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Physical copies of these games are currently available for sale or coming soon!

Humiliation Nation (Genesis) - $39.95

Game: Humiliation Nation
System: Genesis/MegaDrive
Type: Platformer
Release Date: 6/24/2016
Physical Copies Made: 40

Win prizes or die trying on the world's #1 rated game show! Select from one of four contestants to compete in Humiliation Nation. Win appliances, boats, cars, and multi-million dollar jackpots or fall you your death as drones and wild animals attack you on an obstacle course hundreds of feet in the air! Do you want to end this televised death circus or are you just in it for the money? Enjoy 4 different endings and 8 unique stages, each with a giant animated boss.

$39.95 + $5 shipping/handling.

Dragon Leap (NES, cart only) - $19.95

Game: Dragon Leap
System: NES
Type: Platformer/Maze Game
Release Date: 6/15/2013
Physical Copies Made: 119

After a nice dinner of succulent cattle and one very angry farmer, the little green dragon decided to take a walk while his food settled. So the dragon decided to take a walk though the red mountains. Then the rock crumbled beneath the dragon's feet as it fell into a strange cave with faces carved into all the walls. Can the little green dragon find it's way out of 464 rooms spread across 8 strange mazes?

$19.95 + $4.95 shipping/handling. Cartridge only.
I've been making homebrew video games for cartridge based consoles since 2011. I make games for the NES, Master System, and Genesis/Mega Drive. ROMs for these games can be downloaded from this site. You will still need an emulator for the appropriate system to play the games.