I've been making homebrew video games for cartridge based consoles since 2011. I make games for the NES, Master System, and Genesis/Mega Drive.

I do this as a hobby. It also helps sharpen my programming skills and satisfies my curiosity about how old video game consoles work. I may have friends help me with the packaging or sound from time to time, and their names/handles are listed in the title screen of each game they contribute to. But sometimes I just write the whole thing myself just because I feel like it.

Please also remember that these are homebrew games. They aren't made by an army of people in a development studio with expensive computers and fancy development packages. Manage your expectations appropriately.

Some games get a low production run physical release. Some games don't. Regardless, ROMs for these games can be downloaded from this site. You will still need an emulator from the appropriate system to play the games.

Email: [email protected]
Youtube: 64KB Games 


Game: Sword Strike
System: Master System
Type: First-Person
Release Date: 10/23/2016
Physical Copies Made: None

Live or die by by your swordsmanship! A nocturnal raid into the enemy's castle puts you face to face with knights, soldiers and mercenaries. Parry their sword strikes and swing when they are vulnerable. Win, and you watch the enemy castle burn. Fail, and your corpse will be left where it fell. Fight first-person sword duels on an 8-bit system! Victory and death rely on a single blow!

Game: Scope
System: Master System
Type: Light Phaser
Release Date: 8/20/2016
Physical Copies Made: None

How good is your reaction time? Scope is a very simple light-phaser game that lets you test your speed and accuracy. A picture is placed on the screen. Only the bar where you are aiming is illuminated with color. You only have 3 seconds to find the bright red color on the screen and shoot it!!! If you hit, the whole picture is shown in color before going on to the next picture. Miss even once, and you get sent back to the title screen. Hit all 20 targets, and your reaction time is measured at the end of the game. How quick are you on the draw?

This game is a free download. I don't have any plans for a physical release as of yet.

Game: Humiliation Nation
System: Genesis/MegaDrive
Type: Platformer
Release Date: 6/24/2016
Physical Copies Made: 40

Win prizes or die trying on the world's #1 rated game show! Select from one of four contestants to compete in Humiliation Nation. Win appliances, boats, cars, and multi-million dollar jackpots or fall you your death as drones and wild animals attack you on an obstacle course hundreds of feet in the air! Do you want to end this televised death circus or are you just in it for the money? Enjoy 4 different endings and 8 unique stages, each with a giant animated boss.

System: Genesis /Mega Drive
Type: Shooter
Release Date: 6/26/2015
Physical Copies Made: 54

Deep, deep in outer space... but what part of outer space isn't deep or far away anyway?

This is the story of the two metal hawks, Ruby and Cobalt. While floating through space, they happened upon the bird sanctuary planet of Toal. The observatory space station and surface of the planet were being devoured by a swarm of space insects. Using bits granted to the by the phantom bird of planet Toal, the metal hawks wiped out the invaders. Ruby and Cobalt then perched on to a mountain top and turned to stone.

Hundreds of orbits of the planet have passed. The space insects have returned with a device called the Buzzstar. It has the power to burn the atmosphere off of a planet. The old observatory space station is already infested, and the Buzzstar is close. Ruby and Cobalt return to their original form and fly off to meet the invaders once again.

Can the metal hawks conquer 7 stages with wave after wave of invaders and giant screen filling bosses?

Supports 2 player simultaneous game-play!

Game: Bread and Butter World
System: Master System
Type: Platformer
Release Date: 3/07/2015
Physical Copies Made: 17

The Game Police are after Bread and Butter!

   The Game Police are a paramilitary organization that enforce draconian standards on modern games. Their code demands that all modern games released on consoles must have hour long tutorials, 60 hour story modes, lengthy cut-scenes with no player interaction, consist of polygons, and use all 8 buttons on the controller among other things. Being in short, easy to pick-up and play games with 2-D graphics puts Bread and Butter in violation of multiple portions of the code. Men dressed in body armor carrying rifles are now hunting them!

  Bread is young baking prodigy. Butter is just a fat kid who likes to eat the stuff that Bread bakes. Two children don't stand a chance against an army of armed grown men! Or do they...

Game: Porkpolis
System: Master System
Type: Light-Phaser
Release Date: 2/17/2014
Physical Copies Made: 20

Porkpolis - the city of flying pigs. Long ago, the flying pigs built large greenhouses to grow leafy greens year round. The pigs are well fed, but they create more waste than the land can handle. The greenhouses are put on gigantic floating platforms which float above a literal sea of... waste. The land below can not support life. But the pigs just keep eating and don't seem to care.

Urchin is a flying pig from this city. Urchin wants to be an explorer. So one day he up and flew into the distance. He saw many interesting lands, but suddenly strange creatures and flying dinnerware came at him. He quickly realized they were trying to eat him! Urchin is flying home - and you can help! Use your light phaser (or control pad) to shoot down foes while Urchin flies home. Protect your pork!

To the best of my knowledge this is the first (and only) homebrew SMS light-phaser game to get a cartridge release.

Game: TGUN
System: NES
Type: Shooter
Release Date: 6/27/2014

Physical Copies Made: 60

This is the story of the two metal hawks, Ruby and Cobalt. While floating through space, they happened upon the bird sanctuary planet of Toal. The observatory space station and surface of the planet were being devoured by a swarm of space insects. Using bits granted to the by the phantom bird of planet Toal, the metal hawks fly out to face the invaders!

Supports 2 player simultaneous action!

Game: The Coconut Cake Caper
System: Master System
Type: Single-screen arcade game
Release Date: 6/27/2014
Physical Copies Made: 28

Do you like food? If you don't, well then I'm surprised you're still alive. A moderate amount is required for survival. But if you like two-player simultaneous arcade style action on the Sega Master System, then the Coconut Cake Caper is the right game for you!

Bread and Butter are back! This time Bread has just baked a Godzilla sized wedding cake. Just as she is about to receive payment, the bag of money is stolen by crooks with a helicopter! Help Bread (and Butter if you have a second controller) climb up the ladders on the cake to collect coins and bags of money. Make sure to avoid crooks and other dangers. Foes are randomly generated so no two playthroughs of this game are likely to be exactly the same. If you can make it to the bonus stage, you can throw cake at a giant helicopter! to edit text

Game: Bread and Butter
System: Master System
Type: Single-screen arcade game
Release Date: 6/15/2013
Physical Copies Made: 73

Bread is a girl with brown hair who always wears an apron and a chef's hat. She wants to become the greatest baker in existence and things such as danger and common sense won't stand in her way! Butter is just a fat boy in a green shirt with blond hair who loves to eat. So he follows Bread everywhere she goes, for food is soon to follow.

It is Bread's life goal to bake the Bread of Legend. The ingredients are
rare and hidden in very dangerous places. Bread sets off without
hesitation to collect the ingredients. Collect the ingredients from 3 different stages as you go for the high score!

Supports 2 player simultaneous game play!

Game: Dragon Leap
System: NES
Type: Platformer/Maze Game
Release Date: 6/15/2013
Physical Copies Made: 119

After a nice dinner of succulent cattle and one very angry farmer, the little green dragon decided to take a walk while his food settled. So the dragon decided to take a walk though the red mountains. Then the rock crumbled beneath the dragon's feet as it fell into a strange cave with faces carved into all the walls. Can the little green dragon find it's way out of 464 rooms spread across 8 strange mazes?

Game: Dragon Feet
System: NES
Type: Maze Game
Release Date: 6/14/2012
Physical Copies Made: 87

Your mother, the great green dragon, was slain by the white knight. But you're not the kind of dragon to just sit in a cave and pout in your old eggshell. Your wings haven't grown out yet, but you're ready for anything. Use your feet to jump over boulders, run through the deep forest, and navigate the castle maze to the top of the great castle where the white knight makes his lair.

You won't be alone. Behind mysterious doors lurk other monsters. They will give you strange items and cryptic clues to help you in your quest. You won't go hungry either. Fry a knight with your dragon breath, you can eat what's left.

So don't let this fairy tale end the way it does in the storybooks! Use your dragon's breath to fry up some side-scrolling 8-bit justice!